Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Hollywood - The Party

This was such a fun night. I got the opportunity to take pictures at a friends house party that he had on Friday. This is a video pictures I took that night.

Here is another one I did of my friends before they got married. It was on the beach in Carlsbad, CA. Just put the link in the address bar.


Thursday, March 5, 2009

New abstract pictures

I took these pictures one night when I went to see a good friend of mine at his new job. He is now a bartender.
But I saw some things I thought would be some cool pictures.

So a lot has happened since the last time I have written.
I've been really busy and that always make me feel good.

So, since last, I have gotten a full time job at Ultimate Electronics.
It's a great job and I work with cool people.
My job there is Lead Customer Service Rep.
I take care of everything to do woth the customer.
Taking their money, setting up warranty application,
scheduling home installs, mobile installs, and home delivery.
I a pretty busy person a work.
And most relied on to get everyone happy!

Another big happening this month that i achieved
I got my own apartment and live bymyself for the first time in my life.
It was a little scary at first cause I have never done it but
I'm getting the hang of it okay I guess.

One more goal that I hope to get to this month is finally get into
the photography field (or at least start something).
It will take persistence and hard work but I fell I'm ready for it.

Things are coming together nicely here in sunny

We will see what next month brings.


Friday, October 31, 2008

Halloween Night

Oh Halloween
I love Halloween.
As a kid it was my favorite holiday.
I loved pretending, just for one night, that i could be someone else.
I remember some of my costumes were an Indian, a mad scientist, Zorro,
and a hockey player.

It was always such a great night.
Candy for months.
Memories for a lifetime.

So this Halloween will always be a great memory.

The night started off hectic. Gabe and I had been thinking of cool ideas to scare dome of the kiddies. Well like most things, we waited until the last minute.
We were running around try to get dry ice and download scary songs to the iPod.
This was the idea...
There is a sunlight above Gabe's front door.
So we came up with the plan to make it look like someone was hung from it.
So the kids had to walk by the hanging corpse to get to the candy,
which we left in the door way.
Well Gabe was the corpse, Dressed up so that you couldn't tell it was real.
Then when kids would walk up he would scare them.

Gabe hanging from the sunlight.

We got a harness and everything. We had loud scary music and crazy lights going.
And kids started showing up right after it started to get dark.
So we got a couple of groups pretty good.
Even made one little girl cry!

Well it was all good for about the first half hour.
Then Gabe started getting sore from hanging up there.
Long story sh
It just didn't work like we thought it would.
Then by 6:30 we didn't see a kid on the street.
So we gave up that idea.

Well now we're all wondering what we are going to do now?

Wendy told all of us that in Glendale there was a haunted corn maze.

So we loaded up and drove 45min to Glendale.
For $20 you got a plate of BBQ ribs and chicken and a ticket for the maze.
Dinner and a show!
So we all ate then went into the maze......

All of us eating BBQ before the maze.

Corn Stalks!

It was a little creepy cause it was dark and you could hear all the other
kids screaming and yelling.

Reminded me of Children of the Corn or Jeepers Creepers.
Well in the distance we could hear the shrill shriek of a chainsaw.
And all the kids screaming. So we thought this was gonna be awesome.
So we wandered around for a while laughing and trying to scare one another.
Then we got the idea to scare all the other people in the corn. So we all split up.

All of us in the corn maze.

So now I'm running through the dark listening for other people.
But it was great cause at the beginning they handed out to everyone glow necklaces.
So in the distance through the corn you could see people.
So we started to stalk everyone and scaring them.
We did so good at it that the kids that were there working just stopped trying.

So we hung out and did that for the rest of the night.
Now I'm all cut up and sore from bashing through the corn.
It was a great night and sure did make up for earlier.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

The Mob Tour

Tonight was a great time.
Adam is our roommate. One cool guy. He is a magician and is the host
of a mob tour here in Vegas about the mob in Vegas.
So he comped me a ticket so I could come see it.
What really got me interested in the whole mob subject was a movie.
Its a bout some real life characters that lived in Vegas and had mob ties.
Frank Rosenthal and Tony Spilatro

This is a picture of Tony Spilatro (in the very back) His brother (very front) and our mayor now Oscar Goodman. Back then he was Spilatro's attorney.

Its a great story.
Well the mob tour takes you down some of the roads that took place in these mens
lives. Where they lived, hung out, ate dinner, robbed a jewelry store.

Adam in front of Benjamin "Bugsy" Siegel's monument at the Flamingo.

Well there is another movie that I enjoyed.
Good Fellas.
Its about Henry Hill, another gangster from New York.
Well tonight I got to meet Henry Hill.
He was on the tour.
Not that impressive if you asked me.
67 years old and has nothing to show for his life except bad health.
His story is fascinating, but the man was disgusting.

Henry Hill is in the middle. Adam is on the right and his friend is on the left. The tour was a lot of fun. I found out some of the darker history of Las Vegas. Adam was a great tour guide.

Some more pictures from the Tour.

Me on the bus before the tour began.

Henry Hill and Me outside the bus.

Yeah I don't know what this is about.

I took this picture at the Flamingo garden. I just thought it was a really
great night shot.

Tonight was fun...

So tonight was fun actually.

I've kinda kept to myself lately and haven't really ventured out of my box.
I stay home a lot and just chill. Not like I used to do and ve out every night.
So everyone should know by now that I do live with my best friends.

Gabe and Wendy.

And its a lot of fun to have them around.
It's like a small family and I consider them like brother and sister.
Gabe owns the dj business and is constantly busy with appointments,
emails, scheduling events, etc...
Wendy is a school teacher and is busy a lot with grading papers,
day planning, and also helping Gabe.
So, I help a lot around the house with things .

Like Monday I cleaned the backyard. Which was just a lot of old
wood that has been sitting by the back shed for years.
Then took it to the dump.
Today i started trimming all the tree so thats what I'll finish tomorrow.

So tonight Gabe and Wendy went to some of our friends house
to carve pumpkins. So I had a date over to watch a movie.
She is really cool and lots of fun to cuddle with.
It was nice just to sit and watch a movie. We watched The Patriot.
She had never seen it and I thought it was a good choice.
But i forgot it was alost three hours.... Oops!
Now I'm watching Gabe play Playstation 3. Its the only time during the day he
has a break. But it's all good.

Tomorrow we are gonna go on the Las Vegas mob tour.
That should be fun.....

Friday, September 26, 2008

Gabe's Birthday Night

Tonight was a fun night! It was Gabe's birthday and we had a party at his house for him. I went over early and helped his wife, Wendy, setup decorations and the dj booth so we could play music. We've kind of started a new tradition and thats the photo booth. We all the thing. So that was setup in one of the back rooms so everyone that came over would have fun taking pictures. Lindy and I thought it was fun and i think we took like 20 pictures in all.

Later that night one of our friends, Brain came over on his new motorcycle. So he was letting all the guys take it for a spin. You know I had to jump on the thing. After I got used to the bike again I asked Lindy if she wanted to go for a ride. I love how daring this girl is. So is way too much fun and its good to have some one around that is exciting. Anyways, I couldn't go far and that was a bummer. But it was fun for the both of us!!